August Winter began in 2007 as a ‘blogging experiment. The notion: Can you write a novel like you write a ‘blog? The answer is a resounding yes! Starting as “The Munson Chapters” on, August Winter quickly grew its own legs. Void of plan or outline, I simply let the characters run with it. The result is a fascinating story about the eve of Biblical Revelation, how average everyday people handle the most terrifying, unreal, and incredibly unimaginable situations possible.

August Winter follows the story of a serial killer, a roadside psychic reader, a general store owner, a homeless child, and a pizza delivery boy as they encounter and cope with everyone’s worst case scenario: the end. Stay tuned to this WordPress ‘blog for each newly-edited chapter. And feel free to contact the author directly at riggstories(at) Visit my site at

DISCLAIMER & A WORD OF CAUTION: August Winter is intended for mature readers. It contains violence, some mature situations, and suggested sexual themes. Discretion is advised. Any similarity between the characters in this blognovel and actual persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. Any similarity between the characters in this blognovel and other characters created by Michael Rigg is planned.